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Chesed Fund 

Our synagogue's strength is our community and the connections that we make to one another.  Acts of kindness, chesed, given from one synagogue member to another and from the Tribeca Synagogue to the greater community, remind everyone of why we come together as Jews, as a congregation: in order to make the world a better place, one act of kindness at a time. 

The Tribeca Synagogue's Chesed Committee supports our members in times of need and during times of joy: whether someone from our community is observing shiva, celebrating the birth of a child, or recovering in a hospital, the synagogue, through its Chesed Committee, is there to provide a meal, a visit, or a helping hand. 

In addition, the Chesed Committee organizes community assistance projects for the greater Manhattan community with food drives for the hungry, clothing for the homeless, and other forms of support to those less fortunate.
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